Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dental Services in DARDENNE PRAIRIE, MO

If you are in need of emergency dental services, we know how stressful and worrisome the situation can be. At Expressions Dental in Dardenne Prairie, MO, our staff is trained to handle all types of dental emergencies that may arise, no matter your situation We understand that it’s important for patients to receive quality care when they need it most.

When you need us, we’ll be there for you. We treat all patients’ needs with the utmost care and sincerity until their dental emergency is resolved. Simply give us a call and we’ll be able to set up an appointment for you right away. 


Don’t wait for it to get worse! Treat your dental emergency right away!

For many people, tooth pain is a temporary issue that can be solved with a quick visit to our dental office in the O’Fallon, MO or Dardenne Prairie, MO area. Whether your tooth pain stems from cracked or broken teeth on either side of the mouth or is coming from deep within your jaw, we will discuss all of your treatment options and help you decide what would work best for you.

As a dentist’s office, we deal with pain on a daily basis. And we’re here to tell you that the right care can stop your pain fast.  Please call our office at 314-390-9877 and we’ll have you come in right away so that we can figure out what’s going on.

Common dental emergencies are the following:

  • Toothaches
  • A painful gum infection or periodontal abscess
  • A wisdom tooth that has become infected
  • A cracked tooth

These extreme situations are most often the result of an infection caused by deep tooth decay that has reached the tooth pulp. This type of emergency may require an emergency extraction or root canal to save your teeth and prevent a greater infection from occurring. We will thoroughly discuss all treatment options with you before doing any work so that we can find the best solution for your needs. Don’t worry; we’ll take good care of you!



The most important measure in the prevention of a dental emergency is to visit our office for regular oral exams. Even if you have taken care with your teeth and mouth, it may be impossible to avoid an emergency at some point. If this happens, Expressions Dental will be available for timely treatment for you and your loved ones.

We want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have somebody available in an emergency. Become a patient today!

No Insurance? No Problem.

Expressions Dental Preferred Dental Plan provides an avenue for patients to enjoy the same excellent care that we provide all of our patients at an affordable rate.

"The staff is fantastic & goes out of their way to ensure you have a great experience. Dr. Moan is an outstanding dentist & follows up with patients after hours to ensure they are recovering well from their procedure."



We are currently accepting new patients and would love to help you take your smile to the next level, please complete our Contact Form to request an appointment.

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